PhiBrows Microblading – My Amazing new eyebrows



So recently I decided to have the Phibrows Microblading procedure. This is something I have thought about having for such a long time now; I’m literally obsessed with amazing eyebrows and I’m sick and tired of having to draw them on for every occasion.  However, despite my craving, I’ve always decided against it for two reasons. Firstly, I have never been sure where to go to get them done, and secondly, I was also pretty terrified of something going wrong. Let’s face it, eyebrows are on your face and if you’re not happy with them, you’re kinda stuck.


The Rocker Tee

As some of you will have noticed the rocker tee has made a huge comeback in recent fast fashion, whilst rips and choker style T-shirts are also very much out there- I have become obsessed! You may have seen some of the most popular designs adorned with band names such as The Rolling Stones, Metallica and Nirvana. For this post I decided to experiment and have a play around, putting my spin on this trend and creating my own rock style. 


Hey girls! Here’s a look at what I wore during the weekend…

Rock-inspired tees are big news, so I decided to dig mine out of the wardrobe and base my whole outfit around it. Feeling experimental, I chose to have fun with layers by wearing these ripped jeans over fishnet cropped leggings – finishing the look with a distressed denim jacket (double denim vibez).