Technic Make- up Collaboration

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been really excited to share with you all my recent collaboration with Technic. I’ve teamed up with them to try out some of their new make-up products and create my own make-up look. Seeing as it’s festival season I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use some of their new bold colours and glowing highlighters to create a summer festival look. I created this style with the help of amazing MUA @emmadevinemakeup.

Birthday in @Sheinofficial


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you my birthday outfit and my obsession with these beautiful flared ruffle layered trousers from @sheinofficial. As most of you may have noticed, ruffles and frills are everywhere right now, so when I recently collaborated with Shein I just had to get my hands on these beauties. This layered mesh material is beaut and the movement in them is super gorgeous. They are such a bold statement piece and really unusual. 

Pink Hair Don’t Care ūüíē Arctic Fox Collaboration

Hi everyone! 

Iv’e got a bit of ¬†a different post for you today… As most of you who follow me will know, I’m forever changing my hair colour and I have a huge love for those bright shades. I have recently gone through a bold hair transformation which I really wanted to share with you all. I often receive many messages about my hair colour, how I keep it up and what products I use etc. So I thought I’d talk you through a step-by-step guide of how I went from my previous dark ash grey to a gorgeous baby pink.¬†

Double Denim – @Sheinofficial

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share with you a quick casual 80’s style everyday look. I recently collaborated with @sheinofficial, an amazing brand with a large variety of women’s current and on trend styles. I chose one of my favourite pieces from the website which happened to be this extreme distressed oversized denim jacket. You can never own enough jackets and even though summer is fast approaching this shredded casual design¬†is perfect for those sunny days to pair with matching denim shorts or to throw over any day or cute festival look.

Boohoo – Mini Midi Maxi Challenge

Hi Guys! 

So recently I teamed up with Boohoo in a Mini, Midi, Maxi challenge. I got to choose a dress from each category, all made up of a collection of six. The aim of the challenge was to select my dresses and then style them to make them my own. Theres no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to style an outfit, it’s about individuality and your own unique style. Today I’ll be sharing with you my choices and how I decided to wear them.¬†

U Tan & Tone – Product Review


So us girls all want that dreamy fake tan looking like¬†we’ve been away to the Maldives for a month right? Well, recently I’ve been on the hunt for exactly that, and trust me, there’s so many out there to try. All we need is something easy to apply, streak free and boom an instant¬†tan! I’ve tried out so many different tanning products but at the moment I’ve really fallen in love with a certain brand and I just had to share it with you all!

PhiBrows Microblading – My Amazing new eyebrows



So recently I decided¬†to have the Phibrows Microblading procedure. This is something I have thought about having for such a long time now; I’m¬†literally obsessed with amazing eyebrows and I’m sick and tired¬†of having to draw them on for¬†every occasion. ¬†However, despite my craving,¬†I’ve¬†always decided against it for two reasons. Firstly, I have never¬†been sure where to go to¬†get them done, and secondly, I was also pretty terrified¬†of¬†something going wrong.¬†Let’s face it,¬†eyebrows are on your face and if you’re¬†not happy with them, you’re kinda stuck.